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Councillor Roísín Mulgrew has been appointed as Chairperson of Newry, Mourne and Down Council at their third Annual Meeting held on Thursday, June 1st and Councillor Willie Clarke was  appointed as Deputy Chairperson.

The district’s new First Citizen Councillor Mulgrew said: “It is my honour to be elected to serve as the new Chairperson of Newry, Mourne and Down District Council.  This occasion is made even more special by the support of my family and fellow party members with whom I have campaigned for many years and without their hard work and dedication I would not be here today. This position is an opportunity to pursue and achieve real change for the people in our area.”

“In my year as Chair of this Council I will place the uncertain future of Daisy Hill Hospital and the looming threat of service closure at the forefront of local politics, empowering and supporting the inspiring grassroots activity of recent years. To achieve our objectives we must come together into one cohesive campaign.

“I will use my year in office to bring together the wealth of ideas, the energy and the efforts of community groups, the staff of Daisy Hill, our trade unions and local businesses into one unified campaign.  I will ensure that as a community we speak effectively with a single voice to save Daisy Hill and all of our health care facilities throughout the district which are under threat; they are at the heart of our community.

“Brexit will define social, economic and political life in this region for a generation.  Our border communities in particular face disruption to their way of life and their livelihoods.  All of us have a duty to stop this from happening and we must come together to stand against Brexit.

“I believe the true first citizens of Newry, Mourne and Down are the volunteers and community workers who work tirelessly to bind and grow our community cohesion.  They organise festivals and celebrations to promote our shared culture.  They fundraise and care for sick and disadvantaged, they fight to save our local health care services and they run our community youth and sports clubs.  My charities this year will reflect this crucial and unceasing effort and the vast network of community activists throughout the district.”

Councillor Mulgrew added:  “I look forward to tackling these challenges supported by a talented and dedicated Deputy Chair, Councillor William Clarke and indeed the whole Council team.”

Caption: Newry, Mourne and Down District Council Outgoing Chairperson, Councillor Gillian Fitzpatrick and Deputy Chairperson, Councillor Garth Craig congratulate new Chairperson, Councillor Roisin Mulgrew and Vice Chairperson, Councillor Willie Clarke at the recent Annual General Meeting of Newry, Mourne and Down District Council.

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