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Newry Chamber hosts Dominic Raab visit

Newry Chamber hosts Dominic Raab visit

NEWRY Chamber of Commerce and Trade today hosted a visit to the Newry Area by Dominic Raab, Secretary of State for Exiting the Union.  During the visit Mr Raab visited Warrenpoint Port and met with a cross section of local businesses.

Commenting on the visit, which was hosted by Newry Chamber of Trade and Commerce, Chief Executive Officer of the Chamber, Colm Shannon said:

“Secretary of State Raab’s visit was a welcome opportunity for local businesses to highlight our concerns about the border and future trading relationships with the EU.

“The Greater Newry Area is a region that has been transformed from one of high unemployment in the late 1980s to virtual full employment today. Peace, an open border and access to markets has contributed greatly to that prosperity.

“The Secretary of State for DExEU was shown around Warrenpoint Port which is Northern Ireland’s second largest commercial port. The port handles approximately a 1000 ships per year and 40% of the freight originates in or is delivered to the South of Ireland. An open border and freedom to trade east west are essential for this trade to continue.

“He also met with a roundtable of local businesses to learn about their businesses and the challenges they face.  Key concerns included supply and access to labour and raw materials, regulation of products, no delays at borders or ports and the maintenance of existing trade North- South and East -West.”

Caption.  Chamber CX Colm Shannon with Dominic Raab at Warrenpoint Port during his visit to the Newry Area.

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