Vincent Roche Exhibition Opens in Sean Hollywood Arts Centre ‘Therapy’, an exhibition by Vincent Roche will open on Wednesday 7 June in the Carroll Gallery of the Sean Hollywood Arts Centre.

The works take us on a journey through untitled landscapes, to Japanese gardens, rivers and well known landmarks.

Vincent attends art group sessions in the Centre and said, “I have a collection of work I feel can grace the walls in the Arts Centre, and I invite everyone to come and have a look”.

The works of Vincent Roche have been featured in one-man and collective shows in galleries throughout his native Ireland, including group shows previously in the Sean Hollywood ArtsCentre, and the Market Street Gallery in Armagh.

Vincent studied art at Lurgan Technical College and later Belfast College of Art but is largely self-taught and uses his art as therapy to combat stress and positively express his thoughts and emotions.

The exhibition is open to the public from Monday to Friday until 30 June. For more information contact Sean Hollywood Arts Centre on 028 3031 3180.

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