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On Monday 5 June, the Crotlieve DEA (District Electoral Area) forum invited Year 9 students from St Marks High School, Warrenpoint to attend a workshop which addressed the dangers and consequences of drug and alcohol use.

The Crotlieve DEA forum consists of the six Crotlieve Councillors and a number of independent members who meet on a bi-monthly basis and are working together to deliver key priority activities and programmes in and for the electoral area.

Representatives from Start 360, the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) and the Education Authority all participated in the workshop where they highlighted the effects of using drugs and alcohol as well as the dangers and consequences. The students had the opportunity to ask questions and participate in group exercises throughout the workshop.

The Chairperson of Crotlieve DEA, Councillor Mickey Ruane said, “I am delighted that the forum was able to undertake this initiative and I would like to thank all who helped organise the event. Today is about providing the information that young people need to know and hopefully they will take the message back to their friends and family. Thank you also to Mrs Lennon from St Mark’s High School for supporting the event”.

This event was also supported by The Executive Office.

For more information contact Crotlieve DEA Coordinator Suzanne Rice on 028 4175 2256 or email suzanne.rice@nmandd.org

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